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Bird Control Products


Bird proofing and the control of birds is a very complex subject while some of our products can be installed by competent “do it yourselfers”, other are best installed by trained professionals.


The first choice in bird control should always be exclusion.


The systems suitable to any one situation will depend on the species of the birds concerned and reasons they are using that particular site.  If the wrong system is used or if it is not installed properly then failures may occur.  This underlines the need for professional installers.


Cost Effective

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Because our products are made from high-grade stainless steel and U.V. protected plastics, they can ensure a long-term solution.  Successful bird proofing jobs will result in less clean-up expense, longer lasting roofs, more time between paint jobs, less damage from plugged drains and gutters.  MP products pay for themselves time and again.  And, with the exception of occasional spot checks, the products are maintenance free and should last as long as the building itself.


We are the Exclusive Canadian Distributors of the Leading Bird Control Products, specified by architects and government agencies around the world.



More Than Just Products:


Technical Assistance

Professional Installers

Refer qualified installers across Canada 



Products offered by MP Bird Control Systems include:


n      Netting

Bird Netting   specifications

n      Vineyard / Agriculture

Vineyard Drape Over Netting and Side Netting

n      Bird-B-Gone spike systems :

Birdspike 2000 ™   specifications

Birdspike 2001 ™ Stainless Steel   specifications

Mega Spike 2004

Gutter Spike 2003 ™

n      MP Bird Wire Stainless Steel System (non electrified)   specifications

n      Electrical Bird Control Systems  (Click Here for Projects)

Shock Track 2004   specifications    see pictures

Bird Jolt ™ Flat Track   specifications   New

Bird Repel

n      Ultrasonic

Quadblaster QB4



n      Electronic Scaring Devices (Sound Deterrent Systems)

Super Bird Xpeller Pro

Bird Xpeller Pro

Bird Chase Super Sonic   New

n      Visual scare devices  

Terror Eyes

Irri-Tape iridescent foil

Bird Spider

n      Goose Control

Avigon goose repellant

Goose Busters

Goose-B-Gone Super Sonic   New






More Than Just Products:


Technical Assistance

Professional Installers

Refer qualified installers across Canada


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See our Project Portfolio


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