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BirdXPeller PRO




Drive pest birds away with BirdXPeller PRO


Programmable species-specific repeller The new sonic repeller from BIRD-X uses birds' own distress calls to create a "danger zone" - it frightens infesting birds away for good.


Proven and Guaranteed. In extensive field tests, BirdXPeller PRO has significantly reduced or completely eliminated bird infestations.




How it Works


BirdXPeller PRO features birds' distress cries on a microchip (supplied by a major American university). The birds perceive danger when they hear these sounds. They become agitated and disoriented: they think their flockmates are in trouble so they flee the area... never to return.


Click here to hear the SeagullSeagull

Click here to hear the StarlingStarling


Species-Specific and Programmable. Target your birds with a species-specific approach - not scattershot. There are eight bird sounds on the unit, so choose the ones that are invading your space! In fact, some of the eight are predator calls - if you add these to your program, you'll give the birds even more of a sense of danger. Then, if you need to repel different birds in the future, simply re-program your BirdXPeller PRO.)

In addition to programming the selected birds, you can also program volume, time off periods (between sound blasts), and whether the bird sounds play in random or sequential order. These programming options make it virtually impossible for birds to get used to any one pattern.

Harmless. BirdXPeller PRO attacks the birds with loud, terrorizing sounds, but it doesn't harm them.


Unit Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:
Power Requirements:
Sound Pressure:

6" x 9" x 4"
4 pounds
110 or 220vAC or 12vDC
105 - 110 dB @ 1 meter
3 - 5 kHz
Supply power source is UL and CE listed.
EPA Est. 075310-OR-001

Three BirdXPeller PRO models for your needs:
BXP-PRO 1 (targets pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls and woodpeckers)
BXP-PRO 2 (targets crows, blackbirds, grackles - special order for cormorants and ravens)
BXP-PRO WP (targets woodpeckers specifically with more woodpecker and sapsucker sounds)

Solar Power Panel (to constantly recharge the 12v battery)

Easy Operation. Use with standard 110vAC electricity (adapter included) or purchase a 12vDC deep cycle marine type battery instead. A solar power panel is available for use with a battery.

Heavy-duty. BirdXPeller PRO is made of sturdy plastic - powerful directional speaker with convenient controls.

Coverage. Up to an acre at full volume, in a long oval dispersion pattern.

Synergy. Our customers tell us that sound devices are even more effective when used along with a visual device or a physical barrier. Call us for details on these supporting units.

NOTE: ALL bird control methods prove more effective when different types of products are used in combination. BIRD-X offers the widest selection of these products anywhere, including light and sound repellers, roost inhibitors and visual scare devices. Contact us to describe your pest bird situation and let one of our professionals suggest solutions for you.

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