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Canada’s Leading Urban Bird Control Specialists


Bird Control Systems

Div. of Montreal Pest Control Inc.


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About the company

Montreal Pest Control Inc. established in Montreal for over 40 years in the Pest Control Business, the last 10 of which we have become the Leading Urban Bird Control Specialists.  Providing solutions to all pest bird problems.  By permanently and humanely modifying environments to eliminate “problem bird infestations” which besides being annoying and messy, their excrement causes physical damage and can be a potential health hazard.


The birds we control:

n      Pigeons

n      Sparrows

n      Starlings

n      Gulls

n      Geese


Our products are:

n      Effective

n      Totally humane

n      Non chemical

n      Non toxic

n      Long-lasting

n      Discreet

n      Affordable


The services we offer:

n      Consultation and evaluation

n      Installation of permanent bird control solutions

n      Cleaning and disinfecting

n      Distributors of worlds’ leading bird control products




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