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Consulting and Design


We supply solutions, specifications for bird control projects.


We design sight and species specific systems, preserving the interim of the building design sensitive to both architectural, aesthetics and public awareness in all our bird control projects.


We can help you bid on any bird deterrent projects.  Never underestimate the enemy.  Pigeons in particular can be very persistent and agile.  As their favorite sites on buildings are progressively proofed, there is more pressure on them to overcome the systems being used.


Due to the many different successful proofing jobs we have done (see photos of our projects), we can help estimate material, labor, access equipment and safety issues.


Our consultations require knowledge of problem and site which can be aided by plans, photographs, measurements, telephone / fax consultations, and site visits.  Most are free, however travel and lengthy time commitments are billable.


Because of the vast array of bird problems present on our city’s buildings, MP Bird Control offers an integrated line of products that can effectively and permanently solve any structural bird problem without the use of chemicals, toxins or sticky agents that damage buildings.


Bird control problems come in all shapes and sizes.  Too often we tend to underestimate the level of commitment birds have for a site, with expensive, unsuccessful results.  Nesting birds will fight very hard to return to their roost, while loafing birds can be moved easily from a location.  Additionally, one bird problem may call for birds to be kept from a visible ledge, while another may call for birds to be completely excluded from a courtyard or an open area.  With so many different types of bird problems existing on man-made structures, it would be futile to assume that any one product could solve them all.  MP Bird Control product line and professional installers can solve your problems.


We are the exclusive Canadian distributors

 of the leading bird control products specified by architects and government agencies around the world.





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