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Historical building




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Station Métro / Subway Station

Historical building







Photo 1



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Photo 10


Photo 11

Photo 12



Photo 13

MP Bird Control technicians installing ¾” black MP Netting underside and vertically

above stone wall of railway bridge in downtown Montreal as sidewalk

was almost impossible to walk on due to pigeon excrement.



Photo 14 : Airplane hanger

Problem:        Pigeons nesting over 165 foot wide airplane hanger doors.


Solution:         MP Bird Control technicians closing open area with ¾” MP Netting blocking access to any birds.



Photo 15

Problem:        Pigeons, sparrows and starlings, nesting on overhead beams of two covered parking and loading areas of a utility company, making it practically impossible to maintain equipment and vehicles clean


Solution:         MP Bird Control installed 38,000 sq ft. of ¾” black polyethylene netting covering complete undersides of structures, excluding all birds.  Resealable (zippered) openings were provided for maintenance and inspection purposes.



Photo 16

¾” MP Bird Control Netting custom made 108 ft. long x 48 ft. wide in one piece

for one section of canopy.



Photo 17

View of loading area.  Due to complex installation of ventilation system over (30) zippered openings

Were installed to give access to lights, filters, motors, etc.  of each canopy.



Photo 18

MP Bird Control technicians installing netting in bell tower and spikes in specific areas.



Photo 19

Pigeon locked out of bell tower.



Photo 20 : Cooling tower on penthouse of roof of pharmaceutical building

Problem:        Pigeons nesting and roosting on and under water cooling tower.


Solution:         MP Bird Control completely enclosed area horizontally and vertically with 2” black polyethylene MP Netting (see photos: 5, 6)



Photo 21



Photo 22



Photo 23 : Supermarket drive through canopy

Problem:        Pigeons and starlings nesting and roosting on beams causing serious problem of droppings on food carts and shoppers.


Solution:         1 1/8” stone colour MP Bird Netting installed horizontally and vertically to exclude birds.



Photo 24 : Fish hatchery located in Laurentian mountains North of Montreal, Quebec

Problem:        Gulls, kingsfishers and herons eating and injuring hundreds’ of trout.


Solution:         MP Bird Control built infrastructure (steel posts and cabling system) and covered entire hatchery with approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of MP netting to exclude all birds.  4” mesh was used horizontally and 2” mesh vertically (which was installed in a manner so as to give access to feed fish.  See photos 10, 11.


Photo 25



Photo 26

2” MP Bird Netting installed vertically and in a manner so as all 50 foot sections slide

like a curtain to give access to feed fish.



Photo 27




Photo 28                                                                                        Photo 29




Photo 30                                                                                        Photo 31






Bird Spikes 2000




Photo 32

Bird Spike 2000 installed on all ledges of shopping mall and signs

Eliminating a 20 year pigeon problem.



Photo 33

Bird Spike 2000 on and in all letters of signs where birds were

nesting and roosting.






Bird Spike 2001


Photo 34



Photo 35



Photo 36






Bird Wire (non-electrified)



Photo 37



Photo 38



Photo 39



Photo 40



Photo 41

MP Bird Wire (non electrified) system installed on all ledges of historical

bank building in Montreal.



Photo 42

Example of bird wire system on historical bank building to stop pigeons from

loafing and roosting on ledges.



Photo 43



Photo 44                                                                                        Photo 45



Photo 46                                                                                        Photo 47



Photo 48                                                                                       Photo 49





Photo 50





Photo 51                                                                                        Photo 52


Photo 53






Electrical Bird Control System



Photo 54

Installation Historical mansion at port of Montreal.  Electrical bird control system installed on all ledges of building Including copola.



Photo 55




Photo 56





Photo 57                                                                                     Photo 58





Photo 59


Photo 60


Photo 61



Photo 62                                                                      Photo 63



Photo 64                                                                      Photo 65






Photo 66




Photo 67                                                                      Photo 68



Photo 69



Photo 70



Photo 71

  More information


Problem:        Pigeons roosting and loafing in rarely used fire escape of hospital. See photo 28



Photo 72

More information


Solution:         MP Bird Control cleaned and disinfected fire escape and then enclosed same with 2” MP Bird Net.  We also installed another fire door at bottom.



Photo 73

More information


Problem:        Pigeons nesting and roosting in broken ventilation system behind a restaurant.


Solution:         MP technicians cleaned and disinfected complete area behind 2 story building then horizontally and vertically closed off entire courtyard which was common to three buildings.



Photo 74

More information


An example of how ineffective a plastic owl was in area of photo 29, the pigeons

actually sat on its head.



Photo 75

More information


Example of roof flooded due to blocked drains and gutters caused

by nesting and roosting pigeons.










MP Bird Control thanks you for taking the time to visit our website.


Many of the projects shown are of high profile and important buildings.  We have done this to demonstrate to you the level of workmanship that our company is able to achieve.  The same dedication and skill level is applied to every project we undertake, no matter what historic significance, if any, is attached to the structure.


We continually find that once an architect or building owner has used our services they invariably recommend us to their colleagues as well as specifying us again for their own future projects.


MP Bird Control can help you develop and implement a bird control plan no matter how large or small the project may be.


Our past projects are your reference.  If you would like your next project to be included in our portfolio,

call Toll Free 1-(888)-273-9111 or phone (514)-273-9111 or fax (514)-273-9165.


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