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Div. of Montreal Pest Control Inc.


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Toll Free: 1-(888)-273-9111


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The public relations aspect of bird control


We have a special understanding of your needs as today’s Real Estate Property managers. 


You need a solution, you have a very tight budget, and you need a knowledgeable service company sympathetic to the needs of your tenants, and one that is reliable and can provide quick results.


Further, understanding of the important public relations aspect of bird control is vital.  We are very discreet and create no public displeasure, even in the most of public places (shopping malls, downtown areas, banks, etc.)


We have you covered

We will inspect your property and
provide you with many references
upon request (
see photos)

We do not believe one product
or service fits all situations.  We will
evaluate your particular needs, concerns,
budget and provide the most
economical solution.

Get in touch with our team!!





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