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Bird Chase Super Sonic





Add Up To 4 Additional Speakers!

Additional Speakers Available With Pro Packs!

Pro Pack II - Covers 3 Acres

Pro Pack IV - Covers 6 Acres


Advantages / Benefits:


Plays Distress & Preditor Calls of over 22 Species of Birds!


Scares Birds From Landing & Roosting in Outdoor Areas!


Low Cost Method for Protecting Your Property!


Rigid Construction - U.V. Protected Materials (Sun & Weather Resistant) - Water Proof!


Adaptable! Add more Speakers for More Coverage...Up to 6 Acres!


How It Works!


Features Distress Calls of 22 Types of Birds


Select your "Target" bird. (Distress calls will play for 2 minutes, stop for 10 minutes, and repeat.)


LCD display panel shows the status and user setting at all times.


Comes with one internal speaker, but has the capability fo connecting 4 additional speakers to the system.


Comes with a power jack for the AC power supply adapter to plug in (110v).




Bird Species:

All Birds - Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Crows, Sparrows, Starlings, Grackles, Swallows, Cormorants, Gulls...and MORE!

Bird Pressure: Light to Medium
Where to Use: Parks, Resorts, Golf Courses, Corporate or Industrial Grounds, Campuses, etc.
Product Description:

Control Unit w/ One Speaker Covers One Acre Additional Speakers available with Pro Packs.


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