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Bird Spider™



Bird Spider

Bird Control

bullet Ideal for Signs, Parking Lot Lights, Street Lights, A.C. Units, Rooftops, Boats, Building Maintenance, etc.
bullet Stainless Steel "Arms" move with the breeze, which deters birds from landing and causing damage.
bullet Bird•B•Gone Bird Spider has no moving parts in the base unit, which makes it extra sturdy and stable. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!
bullet Bird Spider will not harm birds or people!
bullet Available in Two Widths! 4' and 8' diameters.
bullet Super Easy to Install...and Maintenance Free!
bullet Unobtrusive / Versatile design makes Bird Spider ideal even in high visibility areas!

Pigeon Control

Bird Spider


Boat Spider
Ideal For Boats

Optional Removable Boat Base

Optional Sand Bag Base

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