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Goose-B-Gone Super Sonic





Keeps Property Clear of Goose Droppings!

Advantages / Benefits:

Plays Distress Calls of Canadian Geese!
Scares Geese from Outdoor Areas!
Low Cost Method for Protecting Your Property!
Rigid Construction - U.V. Protected Materials (Sun & Weather Resistant) - Water Proof!
Adaptable! Add more Speakers for More Coverage...Up to 6 Acres!


How It Works!

Features Actual Distress & Alarm Calls of Canadian Geese Recorded in Their Natural Habitat!
When Geese Hear these Calls, They are Alerted to a Sense of Insecurity or Uneasiness.,.which Prompts Them to Instinctively Leave the Area!
LCD display panel shows the status and user setting at all times.
Comes with one internal speaker, but has the capability fo connecting 4 additional speakers to the system.
Comes with a power jack for the AC power supply adapter to plug in (110v).

Bird Species:

Canadian Geese & Ducks

Bird Pressure: Light to Medium
Where to Use: Parks, Resorts, Golf Courses, Corporate or Industrial Grounds, Campuses, etc.
Product Description:

Control Unit w/ One Speaker Covers One Acre Additional Speakers available with Pro Packs.


Add Up To 4 Additional Speakers!

Additional Speakers Available With Pro Packs!



3-Acre Pack - Covers 3 Acres

6-Acre Pack - Covers 6 Acres



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